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Minority Mental Health Toolkit


Mental illness is not a character flaw.

Mental health struggles do not discriminate, but they do affect us in different ways based on our lived experiences, cultural backgrounds and unique identities.  Because of these factors and increased stigma, minorities are less likely to seek and receive care—but we can change that.

Use these resources to educate about the unique mental health needs of minority communities. We encourage you to distribute, share via social media or print the materials in this toolkit to show that #MinorityMentalHealthMatters.


Myth-Busting Mental Health Stigma

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A Guide to Inclusive Language

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Minority Trauma & Mental Health

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Understanding Social Determinants of Health & Mental Health Equity

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The State of Minority Mental Health


Join the Conversation

Join the Conversation: Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

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#MinorityMentalHealthMatters #NotaCharacterFlaw

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issue, help is out there. Contact the Mental Health America 24/7 Crisis Text Line (Text MHA to 741-741).