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Overcoming Barriers to Autism Care: Courtney's Story & Advice from a Lucet Expert

Parenthood is a journey that most people understand to be filled with challenges, joys and countless surprises. But Courtney’s journey took a turn that most don’t expect.

When Courtney gave birth to twins — a boy and a girl — they seemed like typical babies. They were crying, eating and growing at a normal pace. However, as time passed, she noticed that her daughter, Kadyn, was not meeting certain developmental milestones for her age.

Concerned, Courtney and her husband sought professional advice, but navigating the health care system posed multiple challenges. The wait list for an appointment with a developmental pediatrician was so long that it would be a year before she could be seen. Courtney and her husband were deeply frustrated because they knew that early intervention was key to helping children with autism.

Roadblocks to autism treatment are all too common for parents like Courtney, but there is a better path to specialized care, as shared by Lucet's Kelly Winkelman, an autism clinical consultant. Watch the video for her advice.

If you think you or your child may have autism, visit Lucet’s Autism Resource Center for helpful information about obtaining a diagnosis and treatment.

Access more resources in Lucet's Autism Inclusion & Advocacy Toolkit.