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Myth-Busting Measurement-Based Care in Behavioral Health

with Lucet's Liz Jones, VP of Clinical Strategy and Adam Ligas, Medical Director


Measurement-based care (MBC) has emerged as a leading strategy for health care providers to monitor patient outcomes, increasingly becoming a mandatory practice for joining networks. Despite the overwhelming evidence supporting its efficacy, MBC has only recently gained widespread recognition. What processes fall under MBC and how are they implemented in real-world scenarios? This webinar will explain how MBC is revolutionizing behavioral health care, how Lucet leverages this approach to deliver high-quality care and debunk some common misconceptions.

Key Takeaways: 

  • De-mystifying 4 commonly discussed MBC myths
  • Discovering how to increase provider engagement through your MBC strategy with technology
  • Understand how MBC will be a pillar in your long-term roadmap for your behavioral health strategy 

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